Water Leakage Alarm Sensor Detector

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ALLSUN Water Leakage Alarm Water Level Full Sensor Detector Warner
This water leakage alarm is widely used in house and it is a ideal tool to detect water leakage.
What you need to do is placing it to the place where may leaking, When the alarm contacts with water, it will begin to alarm and remind you to take some measures.
Material: ABS
Alarm volume: > 80dB
Low battery indication: when the voltage lower than 7.2V, It begins to alarm
Working temperature: about -10 to 40 degree celsius
Storage temperature: about -20 to 60 degree celsius
Power Supply Voltage: 12V battary (include)
Battary: 12V,23A
Size: about 82x80x28.5mm
Color: white
Weight: about 68g
Suitable for: bathtub, fish bowl, water tank, pool, washbasin, pipeline
Package included:
1x Water alarm

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