Water Leakage Overflow Alarm

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High Decibel Water Leakage Alarm Audible And Visual Alarm Anti Overflow Device
This water leakage alarm has a high decibel device build in with melodious warming sound. It is suitable for home use.
The bottom surface has two probe, once they contact with water, the water leakage alarm will alert and remind you to take measures.
Material:  ABS
Size of the product: about 72x45mm
Weight: about 110g
Suit for: water heater, computer facilities, machine platform, electrical control room, central air conditioning studio,
factory, warehouse, file reference room, office, basement, laboratory, fish bowl, water tank, pool, water dispenser, air conditioner
Warm note:
Please place the water leakage alarm away from metallic conductor
Please place it flate and avoid inclining
How to test:
Before using, please use you finger to test the back surface probe, if the idication light emits red light and alert, it means the water alarm are able to work properly.
Package Included:
1x Water leakage alarm

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